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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has a prestigious look which adds true value to your home.
GCT Pavers offers two distinctive types of hardwood flooring: domestic hardwoods and exotic hardwoods. In addition, bamboo flooring and cork flooring are also available in select markets.

All of these options come in different styles and tones, with elegant textures that add an estate appeal to any room.

 Domestic Hardwood Flooring Features

  • Domestic hardwood flooring coordinates with your home’s cabinetry and woodwork
  • Solid or Engineered Hardwood construction
  • Hardwood flooring is durable and easy to maintain
  • The same high quality Hardwood Flooring name brands available in decorating and home improvement stores
  • Available in natural and stained visuals and a wide variety of tones and grain variations Select areas only.

Ask your Sales Representative for details during your in-home estimate. Domestic Hardwood Flooring Details GCT Pavers offers the most timeless of hardwood flooring with our collection of oak and maple flooring. These hardwoods represent the most popular species in North America and coordinate with the cabinets and woodwork popular for centuries. These traditional wood flooring styles highlight the rich grain of oak as well as the more contemporary clean finish of maple. From natural hardwood tones to beautiful stains that add depth and character, the years of tradition will stand the test of time. Also be sure to review GCT Pavers’s exotic hardwood flooring. Pricing of Hardwood Floors Every flooring installation is different. During the free in-home estimate, GCT Pavers will take into account all costs and measurements to provide an accurate “fully installed” price, with no extras! GCT Pavers’s Low Price Guarantee. Conditions Apply. Click here for details. GCT Pavers Flooring Reviews Read what our customers have to say about their hardwood flooring; visit the customer site at GCT Pavers Flooring Reviews. For flooring care and maintenance information, please visit our GCT Pavers Flooring Care website by clicking here.

Traditional Hardwood Flooring Installation Information

GCT Pavers offers Next Day Installation on a large variety of traditional hardwood flooring options. In just a few days time, your home can be updated to reflect your sense of style. And, best of all, your new hardwood floors are installed by professional installers. You can rest assured that your new, traditional hardwood floors will look and feels just as wonderful as you’d imagined.

Congratulations! You have brand new hardwood flooring installed in your home and it looks amazing. To keep your hardwood looking new and clean, follow the simple steps and tips below. It is important that you take the following suggestions seriously to prevent any damage which will impact the image or feel of the hardwood.

Do’s in hardwood floor maintenance:

  • Sweep your floors regularly to remove excess dirt and dust.
  • Vacuum areas that can’t be reached with a broom.
  • (Cracks, edges, ect.) Use rugs to protect parts of the hardwood that gets the most foot traffic.
  • Use blinds and shades to make sure your hardwood doesn’t get much sunlight.
  • Be extra careful when moving objects that could scratch the floor.

Don’ts in hardwood floor maintenance:

  • Never leave water or any other liquid to dry up on its own.
  • Always dry off manually.
  • Don’t use any cleaning products that could potentially damage your floor.
  • Make sure that they specify that it’s ok for use on hardwood.
  • Never mop a hardwood floor that has been waxed.
  • Don’t ignore a problem or scratch that you see on your floor.
  • Get help for it because it can likely be fixed.

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