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At GCT Pavers, we like to appeal to as many of the senses as possible with our designs, and water is not only a pleasing visual element, but it also brings a soothing sound into the space. Water also helps direct the flow of energy. When we design a space with ponds, waterfalls, fountains or other water features, we direct water toward each of the living spaces we’ve created. There is a flow and balance to any area people spend time in, and every element we add to our designs is there to ultimately increase the energy and enjoyment of the space.

Our water features are not limited to traditional garden ponds. We use a variety of materials including ornamental concrete, elaborate stonework, and stucco, and we can even incorporate them into wood decks and planters. While people often think a pond should go in the back corner of their yard, we like to design ponds, waterfalls, fountains and other water features in areas of the yard that customers will actually interact with.

Many of our outdoor living spaces also bring additional life to the space by incorporating elements like koi ponds with beautiful fish. We also create pondless water features when you are limited for space.

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